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 Basic Facials

Mandatory Consultation (First Time Visitors Mandatory)


European Facial          

60 min          $75


Facial Massage

60 min          $80 

Advanced Skincare Services

High Frequency Facial

45 min     $65


Chemical Peels

50 min     Starting at $100


MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage)

75 min   $100


LED Light Therapy

45 min   $60

10 min add on to any facial service     $10



60 min   $125


*All facial services require a mandatory 30 minute consultation, which helps me structure my process based on an understanding of your unique wants and needs. Consultations can be scheduled immediately before your skin appointment, saving you an extra trip! My consultation fee is $25*



Hand Massage

Foot Massage 


Barber Services

Hair Sculpting $40

Hair + Beard Sculpting $55

Full Package (Hair + Beard + Facial) $150


*Please visit for more information*


Teeth Whitening

Hour-Long Whitening Session  (COMING SOON)   

Session consist of a 60 minute teeth whitening laser treatment. This process is self administered. Clients in their first session can expect to move 1-5 shades whiter. Results can vary client to client and are based on staining habits, dental hygiene, and genetics.

60 min    $75

*This service is not a substitute for routine dental exams/cleanings.*


Mobile Session    (COMING SOON)

This treatment will be provided in the client's location of choice, be it home, office or hotel room, for a full 60 minutes. I provide mobile sessions for clients throughout the entire RDU area, with travel fees included in the price. Kindly inquire for more information!

120 min     $200


More services soon to come!

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