Meet Ralph Cole

My name is Ralph Cole and I'm a Master Esthetician. As of March 2020, I graduated the Master Esthetician program at Clover Park Technical College. There was a lot I had to adjust to in the course, such as being the only male student, but I can say that it was definitely an amazing learning experience. I'd like to get a running start into the world of skin care and aesthetics, and not only build my own business but create opportunities for other skin care professionals. Be sure to follow me on my journey to building my new career in Durham/Raleigh, NC.

Why did I choose to become a Master Esthetician?

2016 I have been a licensed barber in the state of Washington. In barber school, I made a goal list for all of the dreams I wanted to achieve in my career. Within the first three years of barbering, I achieved every goal I had made for myself. Then one Saturday after a long week, I looked in the mirror and told myself that I wanted to do more. I chose to further my education and services by delving into the world of aesthetics. The reason being that I saw the lack of male Estheticians nationwide. I viewed that as an opportunity for me to be a source of information from the perspective of an esthetician; not only for myself, but for men to see that skin care is not just for women. I will service both men and women equally and allow other men to see that taking care of your skin is an essential aspect to add to your everyday regiment.