Meet Ralph Cole

Ralph Cole, known also as Ralph Cole The Barber, is a passionate and driven Master Esthetician and revered member of the beautician community. A North Carolina native, Ralph relocated to Washington and served in The U.S. Army from 2013 to 2016. As too many of our nation’s veterans do, Ralph faced unemployment, financial insecurity and even homelessness post-outprocessing. Unwavered, however, by this set of dismal circumstances, Ralph’s passion for esthetics and his drive for success quickly placed him in the throne as Seattle’s top barber. Olympia Barber School alum, Ralph Cole entered the beautician world and thrived; even acquiring impressive roster of celebrities such as Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman- even Ciara’s husband, Mr. Russell Wilson! 


Having surmounted and mastered his dreams as a barber, Ralph then set his sights on what he considers his ultimate goal: becoming a top-tier esthetician. In 2020, he graduated Clover Park Technical College, then packed up shop to return to his home state of North Carolina and get to work. The mastermind and author behind facial masseuse resource, The Facial Massage King 101,” Ralph obtained notoriety in a very short time; something that very few industry professionals can attest to... especially as a male in the field. Upon being nominated as Favorite Esthetician for the 2021 Black Spa Awards, and then being granted The Dermascope Magazine Licensed Master Esthetician Award in the same year, the skincare powerhouse decided to give life to his brainchild in Durham, NC by opening up The Skin with Ralph Cole Headquarters. 


The new HQ of what will soon span throughout the area, and foreseeably the nation, Skin with Ralph Cole in Durham provides both unmatched facial services and a luxury product line to Central North Carolina’s entire spectrum of diverse residents. Whether in pursuit of an effective wrinkle prevention regimen, a pore-quenching dryness remedy, or a tactical approach to acne-taming, clients find Ralph’s holistic approach and personalized treatments to be indispensable to living in their dream skin. With premium massage oils like Skin with Ralph Cole Facial Massage Oil, developed personally by Ralph, as well as an empathetic, skillful set of facial techniques, Skin with Ralph Cole invites you to join them in their integration and expansion in RDU’s beauty community.