Wow I got the keys!!!

What the hell just happened???

I just got a pair of keys in my hand that I didn't have on my radar nor did I think to even have that on my todo list in the near future at all what so ever but the moment and opportunity I had no choice but to not not pass it up. 

Suite 210 will no become the Skin with Ralph Cole LLC Headquarters for all starting operations that I=will be taking place within my business. 

From the moment I stepped foot into the space, I knew I had to get the spot and I was in love and can clearly see all that I will be doing within the space.

I see my executive desk setup,

I see my lounge area where I will be using for podcast and other videos,

I see the area where I will be creating the Skin with Ralph Cole products,

I see my Retail store and also the area where my receptionist will be welcoming clients and selling products,

I see my classroom area where I will be recording content for my online presents and YouTube. as well as have my team meetings and have my backbar products in there as well,

I see my teeth whitening room where I will be providing teeth whitening treatments as well as training to certify people so that they can have a successful teeth whitening business, as well as have professional dental assistance come in throughout the week to provide teeth cleanings.

I see my facial treatment room as well where any and all of my advanced services I will be able to provide, I can do. 

I defiantly want to eventually hire other estheticians to come in and be apart of a team im trying to build and them come in and become apart of the Skin with Ralph Cole team and we look forward to success as a team rather then individuals.

I end with you have to see this place!!! It's truly amazing!!!

WIth all that said, finances is still definitely playing a huge factor in this decision as I spent my last dime to get it 😩😩😩 I guess its grind time.


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