The Facial Massage King 101

Well first lets start with addressing the elephant in the room;

Because I know you are wondering who am I to consider myself The Facial Massage King 👑...

Well I'm here to tell you that if you haven't had the opportunity to witness the experience to receive a facial massage by Skin with Ralph Cole then you are trippin formal. (For those that don't understand what trippin is, it means that you are someone that is lacking any kind of common sense, you must be high on some kind of substance that you definitely are having a terrible time controlling because you knocked over all the fresh baked macaroni and cheese that aunt Shirley made this year and everyone knows she's the best cook in the city.)

Ok ok ok by now your should get the point of why im The Facial Massage king, but the fact is that I cant service everyone in the world. This is why I am giving you my course on how I provide the best facial massage that anyone can receive and you will now be trained by the best and receive a Certificate of Completion from me that you can show to your incoming clients and plus at the top of your resume so people can know the you are the go to person in your city. 

In person classed will definitely be coming soon a city near you along with the Skin with Ralph Cole Facial Massage oil (which Is the best massage oil you can get on the market from anywhere!!!)

Stay tuned for more and be sure to comment below...

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