The 2nd Annual Esti Brunch Review

The 2nd Annual Esti Brunch Review

So today was an amazing day with some amazing estheticians from the east coast where we all met in Columbia, SC. I do have to start off saying that from the time you get off the elevator till the time you sat down, it was an amazing experience with all the different rooms that you can take pictures and videos in for content creation and things. the food was amazing, I had a chance to network with the estheticians where most of them was already following me but I definitely made sure to follow each and every last one of them back. 
So during the activities I saw that one thing I need to work on creating products that estheticians and buy from me that they can use within there business in order to help them take their business to the next level. 
By doing this, when every I talk to any esthetician, no matter what they specialize in, they will see that my services are needed. Also it allows me to be a more needed go to person within the industry which then will allow me to help more and more people. Definitely looking forward to the one next year and even look to be more involved in the actual event.
Great Job E'tosh on the great job and so so so proud of you and keep up the great work and looking forward to all the amazing things that you have to come.

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  • E’toshia

    Thank you so much for attending!

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