Maybe this is what suppose to happen???🥺🥺🥺

Maybe this is what suppose to happen???🥺🥺🥺

So just to set the mood, I have this weekend created and dropped my first Ebook names The Facial Massage King 101 where I'm giving the outline to conduct the perfect damn Facial Massage for your client, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, sibling, side piece, or whoever and what the hell ever it is that you want to perform the facial massage on.

I was having the most difficult time trying to edit the videos because my computer keeps running out of memory for some reason, and also when it came to uploading the videos ......🤯🤯🤯 yea my exact feelings. Thank God that it finally got to work for me and I was able to proceed with going about making the announcement.  

So prior to me posting the book, I had went live a few times to let people know about it and all. the responses was amazing and people seemed so excited about it and all just for me to finally put it out there for the sales to be absolutely nothing close to what I felt that it would be. 

So I sit back and think that ok did I do a good enough job at promoting this Ebook or is it just people just dont want to support when it comes to buying a product from me??? they can clearly see I do amazing work on my clients, they see that during the reviews my clients have nothing but great things to say about the service. and even people comment on my post to say Ralph your killing the game. 

Is all of those amazing things, does it make me feel like im on my shit???, does it make me feel like I know what im doing? Honestly I would have to say yes!!! Maybe thins is meant to not take off fast being that people want to see me blow up first in order to feel like they can then gp buy my product. 

I dont know Maybe this is just one perspective im looking at because prior to me having this Ebook I was apart of the club that has millions of people in it that wouldn't even think to create there own Ebook. so now can I add Author to my title now??? Is this a way of showing me and other people that I have to go way harder and turn up the heat on myself to push this Ebook and get people to see and understand why they need this class?

I feel like maybe this was suppose to happen... for the good... hopefully...


  • Gerald Robinson

    This young man is very professional and he is a top notch barber .he cut my Godson hair and he loves it.thank you I will be back. I recommended you to many others.

  • Shantelle Bonner

    It was suppose to happen❤️

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