January 2021

Yes I finally made it here and I do have to say. IM SCARED!!!

There you go people. 

The cats out the damn bag now...

Though I have a room that im using to provide my service which is amazing and im grateful for the opportunity, but honestly as blessed as I am to gain 40 clients within my first month in Durham, NC, I cant stay here. The way my mind works is that I need to have a space whee I can make things happen when I want and need them to happen. 

My role models are titans within there own industry such as Tyler Perry (someone I seen with my own eyes start from the beginning and build his empire.) someone that has become a billionaire and also bought a MILITARY BASE!!!


This is the same person like myself found himself homeless and had his back ups against a wall but had a vision that others at times couldn't see.

Which is ok.

I believe that this is going to be an amazing experienceand looking forward to six months from now of where I will be.

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