Blood, Sweat, and I know the Tears are coming SOON!!!

So here we are.

Me walking up to my new soon to be Skin with Ralph Cole Headquarters, and I open the building door to see my door is wide open 😳😳😳.

Ofcourse my first response if like what the hell! I know I locked the door the night before!!! So I looked around the corner to see a guy that I know can call my friend up on a ladder taking down the old ceiling tiles and is prepared to take up the carpet for the work day for him. Me, I had my scrubs on and looking to be in there quite and record some video content for a project im working on and knew I needed to go home and change into some gym clothes and come put this sweat into my own business and not just let him do it himself especially if im capable myself.

I know some people may feel that why would I help when he is being paid already to do the work? But this is just me and how I think, and feel. I just want to be sure im hands on with my business and everything that goes on so I can be more connected to it from the beginning to end. 

So back to me changing clothes to come and help, I pull back up and he is already half way done with the ceiling tiles so im like dope and helped him with the rest of them. then we went and started pulling up the carpets throughout the whole suite...... when I say thats some hard shit 🤭 (excuse my mouth) but both me and him was sweating out everything that we had in us lol. but moments like that I will remember and can say I remember when........ 

After he left, I did another walk through in my future Headquarters and see the moment is happening as im looking at all the wiring and pipes in the ceiling clean through the missing tiles 🤣🤣🤣 and also carpet in a pile that we will be getting tomorrow to put up. According to him, he is going from top to bottom, so ceiling tiles, then painting the walls then the floors. 

In the mist of it all, though I was tired, I enjoyed every second of it and had a smile on my face the whole time. Smile as big as I hope to see each and every client that comes through my doors.


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